Motherhood. The Why Behind My Business

I took a big leap in November of 2020, to go full time with photography and take a step away from the corporate world. One of my goals when doing this was to have more time to be mama to our two boys. Though launching a full time photography business is a big task in and of itself, I took 2021 to settle in as a full time photographer. I launched my Heirloom Portraits and worked to adjust my weekly and monthly schedule to see what worked best for our family.

As I began dreaming of 2022 and what aspects of my business worked in 2021, one of my biggest goals was to take more time for our family and be intentional with our boys during the week. As we enter April, my hope is to focus on our boys on Monday and Friday when they are home, and spend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on business specific tasks.

Our oldest begins Kindergarten in the Fall (cue all the mama tears) and I want to be present, make memories and be the mama I need to be. I mean I dreamed of the days I could do photography full time and be at home to chase these two little guys. Now is the time for me to cherish these days at home crazy as they can be, they don’t last long.

I may be slower to respond, but my hope is to focus on my clients and my business on the days the boys are in Mother’s Day Out. Scheduling will be a little more limited, and I will only be shooting one (maybe two) weekends a month. I will be scheduling sessions two days during the week, and have set business hours for emails, editing and all the behind the scenes things. Much of this is already in place, so you may not see much change from the outside.

If you are interested in booking a session, please reach out to me early to make sure your date is available, especially if you are hoping for a weekend option! You can contact me here for booking information.

Thank you for your patience as I work to balance this business and being mama!

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