Sabrina Gebhardt Photography | Fort Worth, TX Photographer and Educator

As a photographer and really in any profession, education is an important piece of expanding your creative knowledge and brand. Education allows you to grow, evolve, meet other creatives and maneuver through this crazy world of entrepreneurship.

I stumbled upon Sabrina Gebhardt Photography early on in my career and followed her on social media. In 2017 I reached out to do a mentor session with her. Sabrina has built a lifestyle photography business based on capturing real, authentic moments and the chaos that comes with raising littles. As a mama and business owner, this resonated with me. Even early on before I had my first little one.

Over the course of the past few years I have done mentor sessions, a mastermind and participated in her course The Organized Photographer. Sabrina has inspired me, helped me navigate the details of being a business owner, mama and working full time in the corporate world. She has set up The Organized Photographer course in a way that whether you are just starting out or you have been in business for many years, there is something to learn and apply to your photography business.

Sabrina has laid out the steps for you to get organized and take your life back. As a mom to two little boys and a full-time photographer (as of November 2021), she has helped me build a sustainable schedule for myself, learn to say “no”, and create “white space” each week. When I joined The Organized Photographer, I was not only looking for an educational course to push me to the next level, but also create a community of other photographers. Through this course I have made some of my best friend industry friends, connected with local photographer friends, and been encouraged by each of them in so many ways!



The level of knowledge I have gained, the encouragement I have received and the resources that have launched my business are all due to Sabrina’s courses, mentorship and support. Sabrina, I can’t thank you enough for answering the millions of questions and being a cheerleader as I took a huge leap of faith to take my business full time 1 year ago!

Are you looking for an educational course to help you take your control of your life, get organized and take your business to the next level in 2022? If so, I cannot recommend Sabrina’s educational courses more!

If you have questions or want to reach out for more information from a former student, please feel free to contact me! I’d love to give you more information on how Sabrina has helped my business grow!

You can find Sabrina on Instagram or hop over to her website. Interested in her course? Join the waitlist for The Organized Photographer and be the first to know when it opens!

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