Business Mentoring

Education is such an important part of continued learning, growth and community. I have learned and mentored with some wonderful photographers over the years who have helped me on business aspects; as well as, photography techniques, workflows and editing. It has been a dream for me to give back to other entrepreneurs and photographers who are looking to take their business to the next level.

As you may or may not know, I worked in commercial real estate for 13 years while doing photography on the side for the last 7 of those 13 years. I grew my business slow and steady. I always knew I wanted to be a full time photographer while having the flexibility to be home with our children.

In November 2020, I stepped away from my corporate role and begin my full time photography business.

Was it scary? Yes. Did I work hard to make sure I felt like I was set up for success? Yes.

I took time to make sure I had all my business systems in place, and felt confident in taking the next steps to go full time with photography. As I begin to offer Business Mentoring to photographers, my hope is to work with other professionals who are looking to make the switch from a corporate or other full-time 9-5 career to a growing photography business.

I want to help YOU feel confident in your transition. Know you have yourself set up for success. Be a mentor and cheerleader while you say YES to big goals and dreams! I am excited to offer a limited number of mentor sessions each year!

If you or someone you know would benefit from a Business Mentor you can read about my new offering here.

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