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What if my home doesn’t have good natural light? Yes, I get this question often, but you would be surprised. Most homes have great natural light in at least one or two rooms during a portion of the day.

One tip I like to share with my clients that may be concerned. On a day when the sun is shining, turn all your overhead lights and lamps off. See how each room changes lighting throughout the day. Some rooms get better morning light while others get better afternoon light. All you need is one room to have natural light pouring in when the blinds and curtains are open!


As a natural light photographer, I tend to always use the natural light of your home during our session. This is why many times you will see me reschedule if it is forecast to be overcast and rainy. I also tend to schedule your newborn session during the hours of 9am-4pm when the sun is the strongest.

When I arrive, I will ask for you to show me your home, walk me around, and allow me to view the lighting in each room. This will help me to determine our best location or two for your session. Yes, I will turn off any lights that may be on or pull a curtain open just a bit more. We want as much light flowing it as possible.

If you worry about your home’s natural light, you are always welcome to take pictures of your rooms and send them too me. We can also determine when lighting is best as I review your images prior to your session!

Are you expecting or interested in more information on a session? Please reach out to me here for more details!

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