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Congratulations! You recently found out you are pregnant! I know how exciting it is, and the joy that comes when you receive that positive pregnancy test! It can be a time full of so many emotions.

Joy. Anxiousness. Overwhelming.

Who do you tell first? When do you tell someone? All the “what ifs” that come in that first trimester. Believe me when I say, I have been there mama!

As an expecting mom, not only are you trying to wrap your arms around ALL. THE. THINGS. You are also trying to decide who will do your newborn photographs. When do you want them? Do you want maternity pictures? Milestones? The list goes on.


When choosing your newborn photographer there are several things to think about. First, what type of session are you wanting?

Lifestyle vs. Posed

There are two very distinct types of sessions: Lifestyle and Posed. A lifestyle photographer typically shoots in your home and incorporates elements of your home, creating a relaxed session. I am very much a lifestyle photographer. I come to you and you stay in the comfort of your home. While a posed session, typically takes place in a studio with props and other elements that the photographer may provide.

Reviews and Testimonials

You always want to look for review and testimonials on a photographer’s website. Hearing just a bit about someone else’s experience with a photographer can help you determine if that specific photographer would be a good fit for you and your family.


What type of experience does a photographer have? Do they specialize in newborn photography? You want to know how long a photographer has been doing sessions, how experienced they may be, and if they have had any sort of “training”.



Always look through a photographer’s portfolio. Take time to review their online galleries, maybe even read through some blogs they have posted of recent work. And did you know Instagram is a quick way to see a snip-it of a portfolio? Photographer’s usually have highlight reels that capture a variety of images from a session. Make sure to understand how a photographer captures a newborn session. Do you feel it is what you envision for your session?

Investment and Offerings

I know prices can range all over the board. Experienced photographer’s want to provide just that, an experience for their clients, while providing high quality images and products. You want to make sure what the investment includes. Is it just the session fee? Does it include digital images? Products? Ask the questions up front to make sure you know what the investment includes.

Remember: Quality photography is an investment.

These are images you will hold on to, look back through, and pass down to your children. You want to want invest in a photographer that is a good fit for you while providing high quality images for your family!

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