Why Milestone Collections? | Richardson, TX Family Photography

As a new mom your focus is to prepare for your new baby, plan their nursery and make sure to confirm your photographer for your newborn session before your baby arrives. You want to remember those first few moments with your new baby. Between those sleepless nights, you want to capture your baby’s tiny details, how they fit just perfectly in your arms and their sweet smell.

So often we wait to look at capturing the moments of their first year. The 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and one year milestones. Sitting, crawling or even standing. It is so sweet to capture these precious stages. One thing I would tell my clients to do is to book a collection to schedule those milestones!

I have had mama’s say “I am so glad I had these scheduled. It allowed me not to worry about making sure I tried to take the pictures on myself” or “I wasn’t frantically trying to book something at the last minute.” I could be present each and every day. It gives you, as a mama, a sense of relief to know your little one will have pictures at every stage.

Did you know I offer Collections for this very reason? Yes, collections include a 6 month, 9 month or even one year session. Booking sessions as a collection allows you to capture each milestone, and to book your session early before things book up. We can adjust the timing based on when your baby hits their milestones plus you have updated pictures for each sweet stage with your family! You can even book a session that includes a first year album. All those sweet milestones wrapped into one place you can flip through at any moment!

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