Is Spring Break Bringing up all the Feelings? | Dallas, TX Newborn Photography

We head into Spring Break next week. The thought of it is a bit overwhelming. Last year we were wondering what we would do with a 2 month old and almost 3 year old for a week. We hadn’t planned to go anywhere as this Mama was still in a haze. We had a few ideas, but were just going to take it day by day.


To kick off Spring break, we ventured to the Fort Worth Zoo to meet our cousins the Friday before. Boy was it crazy. There was still talk about all that was going on, but field trips were happening and people were enjoying a perfect Spring day.

On Wednesday, March 11th, 2020, I distinctly remember going to the park. We wanted to enjoy the weather and let our big guy run off some energy. Plus, Mama needed some sunshine! We met a friend and talked about her upcoming trip to New York. Would it be cancelled or would she still be hopping on the plane in the next two days. The fear of the unknown was looming.

After the park, we decided to run by Costco on our way home. Grab a couple of things after hearing about the coronavirus. Thinking “let’s have a few extra things on hand in case we need them.” It was our first time to venture out with both boys.

On Thursday, I had a lunch date with my mom and our youngest to eat at one of my favorite places in Arlington, Rose Garden Tea Room. The Big 12 tournament was being cancelled, and things where changing by the hour.

I fortunately was still on maternity leave from my corporate job, and was just beginning to take on sessions again. In fact, I had to Fresh 48 sessions for the following week along with newborn sessions in the coming days and weeks. I was touch and go with my Fresh 48 sessions, but finally having to cancel them all as the world went into lockdown. So many sweet babies were still born during this time and I got to photograph them a few months later!

Fast forward, and here we are. Is the fear of Spring Break creeping in on anyone else?

Surely we aren’t heading into another lockdown. I know we had all hoped that by now things would be back to “normal” and maybe they are slowing getting there, but never did I think in 2021 a year from when things changed that we would still be talking about the coronavirus, wearing masks, and social distancing.

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