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As a mama, when we welcomed our second little boy there was worry and anxiety over what our oldest might do. How would he react? Would he act out towards me or his little brother?

Our oldest, Sutton, was just under 3. We had talked about baby brother coming for months. He had even been with us to an appointment or two, and he knew baby brother would be born at the hospital. In fact, one of our last appointments we went to, sweet Sutton asked if we were picking up baby brother. He loved to play in the nursery and rescue kitties from the crib.

We kept Sutton on his schedule going to Mother’s Day Out and getting to spend a few nights with his grandparents. He was even able to come to the hospital to meet baby brother shortly after he was born (before Covid). He could not have been more excited to hold him! To this day, he still asks to hold him in the mornings or when he gets home from Mother’s Day Out.

We included Sutton in so many of our daily activities: naps, feedings, changes, etc. He really just wanted more of mommy. Mommy to do bath and put him to bed. I reminded myself frequently to stop and enjoy the time. Though I was exhausted with a newborn, the time is fleeting.

To this day, big brother loves to hold his little brother, go in to wake him up in the morning and has been the biggest helper. He wants him to have a monkey as his lovey like he does (we will see if this takes), but yes we still get upset when little brother gets into our things. We are now building our firetrucks and setting them on shelves or a table out of reach of Sawyer.

Mama as you adjust to your first or forth baby, it takes time. Give yourself grace. Do something little for yourself. And remember this is a season, take joy in the every day.

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