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As a mom of two, I am quickly learning what I need to recharge and be my best self for my family. Until November 2021, I worked outside the home in the corporate world, I feel like this allowed me to separate work and home, plus decompress on my drive to and from work.

We welcomed our second baby boy in January 2020, quickly followed by the pandemic hitting and a stay at home order in place beginning mid-March 2020. This left little room for “me” time. Between returning to my corporate job after maternity leave in April 2020, working from home, building my photography business plus being a wife and mama to my family, all my free time went to photography or spending time with the boys.


Thanks to Sabrina Gebhardt Photography’s Mastermind I took in the Fall of 2020, I am learning to create white space and listen to my body when it needs to rest. I try to set aside time each week to take care of myself whatever I need that week. Whether it be rest, a spa trip, a walk, etc. I am learning to say “yes” to something I need to recharge.

1) Set up time to get a manicure or pedicure: some weeks I just need to get pampered. I have my white space set aside and as the time approaches I allow myself to do what is best for me that week. Every few weeks, I like to take care of myself with a manicure and/or pedicure.

2) Rest: listen to your body! I have had weeks where my body was just telling me I need to rest. Lay down and have some quiet time with no distractions. This can be huge to help me recharge, and get my mind back on the right track.

3) Exercise: get your body moving! I try to workout in the mornings. This is when I am at my best and know I have uninterrupted time, but some days I just need a little bit of fresh air. Mama, it is okay to get out and take a little walk even if you have kiddos with you. Fresh air and sunshine is SO good for the soul.

4) Read: take time to read a book you have been putting off. Just the quiet in the midst of the crazy is good for us mama’s. Sit outside or in a favorite corner and take even just 15 minutes to read a chapter for yourself.

5) Grab lunch with a friend: some weeks our “me” time may mean catching up with a friend. But you know what, it is your choice! We all have those little things that get us going, fuel our soul and for some it is brunch, lunch or dinner with that girlfriend!

So today mama, find a little time to recharge. Take care of yourself. It will help you be a better wife and mama in the days to come!

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