3 Lifestyle Newborn session Must Haves | Dallas, TX Newborn Photography


The new baby smells, little toes and baby coos that melt your Mama heart. It is in those earlier days that time passes way too quickly and you need to capture the littlest details of your precious newborn! I love entering a home a seeing the nursery all set up, hearing where some of your favorite pieces came from or how you picked your little one’s name! All of these little details help me as I begin to capture your new family and tell your story!

Newborn sessions can vary from 45 minutes to 2 + hours depending on how your baby is doing. Each individual newborn determines our session from start to finish, well unless there is an older sibling. If there is an older sibling, then we let them lead the session!


These are a few of my favorite newborn must haves which can help you prepare for your session before your little one arrives. This will give you as the Mama a little more peace of mind before your session!

  1. Simple Swaddle: Yes, I love to utilize just a simple white, blue, pink or swaddle with a small print to capture your newborn. This keeps your baby wrapped up tightly, which must prefer. Sometimes their sweet little arms, rolls or hands get out and this just adds to the perfect little newborn detail shots. Some of my favorite swaddles are Aiden and Anais, SpearmintLove or Little Unicorn

  2. White noise: Many times a walk into a clients home and ask about a sound machine. Yes, newborns are used to hearing some calming noises from the past 9 months. The white noise can help soothe them to sleep or just keep them content while we work through the session.

  3. A simple onesie, bows or hats: Simple, small bows for baby girls are perfect to put on during our session. This can add just that touch of pink to the session gallery. I also tend to lean towards swaddles, but if you have that perfect coming home outfit or onesie you want to use we can always utilize those special details during our session!

3 small tips to help you prepare for your lifestyle newborn session! And if you are ready to book your newborn session before it’s too late, please reach out to me and let’s get you on my calendar!

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