My 3 Baby Must-Haves With Our 3rd?

I knew with our third, he would have to be an on the go baby. We came home from the hospital in January and 3 days later Texas had an ice storm, so I was thrown into 3 kiddos all home very quickly. Thankfully my husband works from home so I did have extra hands, but those first few days of snuggles and laying in bed all day didn’t quite happen.

We also did not have a full nursery in our house which is fine since he slept in a bassinet in our room until about 2 months. Plus, let’s be honest it’s survival mode for the first little bit and sleep at any time is appreciated. I did have a few of my favorite things that kept me sane during the first few weeks plus I still use on the regular. Some of these I used with our second as well.

  1. Boba Baby Wrap

    This swaddle has been my life safer! I wore Shepherd 90% of the time, and still use this some days. He LOVES to be worn and will fall right to sleep when he is in the wrap. I found this easier and more comfortable to wear around the house. I wore it when I had my weekly bible study and he’d sleep in it. He preferred this over sleeping in his carseat stroller.

2. Night Light

This was the perfect night light for diaper changes and feedings. I set it by the changing table or chair where I fed him and it has various settings to help with those middle of the night feeds. I do have the Hatch as well, but this simple light allowed you to turn it on and off without changing the sound. I also took it to the hospital to use. It is chargeable and can be used without the plug. You can grab it and go from one room to the next!

3. Portable Sound Machine

The best sound machine! I have people daily asking me what the noise is. I slept with this in the hospital and we take it on the go everywhere with us. He also uses it at nap time since he naps in a different room from the crib currently. It lasts for hours!

Legal Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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