What’s In My Hospital Bag?

Have you packed your hospital bag? Not to worry. With my first, I was way more prepared than this time around! I packed a few things here and there this time. Set things aside, but guess what I am pretty sure I packed the day before! Thankfully I already had my list put together to help me!

Mama for L&D:

For Labor & Delivery, mama’s you just need a few key things. Depending on what you want during delivery an essential oils blend, portable radio to play music if this is something that is important to you, your phone with an extra long phone charger, a camera if you want to take your own pictures on something other than your phone. And a few key things I always put in a small bag: lip gloss or chapstick, hair tie, hand lotion, a book or journal. I keep this bag next to the bed for easy access along with my phone and a camera.

Mama in Postpartum:

This is where you will have your husband bring up all the things. Your bag is most important for postpartum, unless you are being induced and have to arrive the night before. You can find a link below to a free checklist I have made with all the things for Mama and baby. Some of my key essentials would be comfy pajamas, a robe, house shoes or grippy socks, makeup, going home outfit, things to shower…you get the point! I mean there is nothing like your first shower post baby! I loved to have a fresh smelling body wash or soap.


I have always utilized the shirt and swaddles our hospital provided for babies. I felt these were easiest for quick changes plus the hospital will clean them or dispose of them, and give you fresh ones if something were to occur. I make sure to have a going home outfit and hat, potentially a blanket to cover them with in the carseat going home. I have taken mittens in the past, but never used them while in the hospital.


A few things I found nice to have for both myself and baby during postpartum at the hospital were a portable sound machine, small night light, and extra snacks to have on hand. Most hospitals provide snacks, but it’s always nice to have a few extras just in case. Those middle of the night feedings are a must to have water and something to eat!

Want a quick guide to packing for your delivery? Snag my free packing list here.

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