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How often do you invest in your business? Year after year I am constantly looking for new educational opportunities. Where I can expand my knowledge to grow personally and professionally. I have participated in 1-on-1 mentor sessions, conferences, in-person workshops, online courses and masterminds. Each type of education has helped me grow my business in various ways.

1-on-1 Mentorships: Over the past 9 years, I have mentored with several local photographers as well as others throughout the US. Depending on my personal and professional needs from just beginning and trying to navigate starting a photography business to more specifics like mentoring with an interior photographer. 1-on-1 mentoring can give you an opportunity to shadow a photographer during a session or just discuss specific business topics.

Conferences: I went to my first photography conference in September 2021, The Reset Conference in Waco, TX. Ya’ll this was amazing! It was so fun to connect to new photography friends. Meet online friends in person and just have time to listen to so many wonderful speakers!

Workshops: Over the years I have done several in-person workshops from wedding and lifestyle family focused to business specific. It is wonderful to meet in-person and hear how other creatives run their businesses. It also allows you to take away ideas and best practices for your own business.

Online Courses: There are more online courses than you can possibly imagine. I always invest in more than I can focus on, but some of my favorite ones have been topics on organization, business tactics, posing and editing, or marketing.

Masterminds: I am in my second mastermind with Sabrina Gebhardt and I can’t speak highly enough about this Mastermind. I have met some of my best friends through Sabrina’s courses including the Mastermind and The Round Table. Sabrina has challenged me to stretch myself, and set goals for my business that I might not have otherwise done. She is a constant encourager, friend and cheerleader. 

Another Mastermind I am wrapping up, is specifically geared toward branding with Maddie Peschong, Rebrand. Maddie has taught me how to set myself up for success with branding photography. How to price myself for success, create a workflow for specifically for branding clients as I look to expand this portion of my business, and what I can best offer to my clients.

While education has played a huge role in how I run my business, how my business has grown, and what I am able to offer to my clients, I am looking forward to giving back by offering more opportunities in my Business Mentor Sessions in 2023! I love being able to give back my knowledge and the steps I took to get me from full-time corporate job to successfully becoming a full-time photographer, all while being a wife and mama.

If you are interested in learning more about my Business Mentor opportunities, you can reach out to me here or read more about it on my website.

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