2020 a Year of Unexpected Growth | Dallas, TX Newborn Photography

2020 was a year of unexpected changes, growth, and a lot of family time! We were looking forward to 2020 as we anticipated the arrival of our second baby boy in January! Little did we know how differently the year would turnout to be.

I took maternity leave from both my corporate job and photography, our oldest was in Mother’s Day Out and my husband was doing his daily work grind. I was soaking in all the newborn snuggles, having our mom’s help every couple of days (who thoroughly enjoyed the newborn snuggles too), and planning for some big changes in 2020.

We took Spring break with our oldest, played at the park, did a Costco run and went to the zoo with our cousins to round out our break. I had a few more weeks before maternity leave was up and had two Fresh 48 sessions planned for the following week! In a change of events (literally overnight), we kept making adjustments for the Fresh 48 sessions, but soon they would be completely cancelled. Little did we know this was just the beginning of our stay at home order.

I went back to work in early April, working from home and balancing two little boys. We spent our days playing, taking two or more walks a day, watching more Disney+ than I would like to admit, and Face-timing with grandparents. We have adjusted, made some major changes for our family, and to the wonderful clients Mallory Shelton Photography grew more than I expected during this unusual year, THANK YOU!

For us, 2020 was much different than we anticipated. Our youngest has been in our church once for a music concert for our oldest. He has seen few people outside of our family with no mask on. He still looks at us when we have our mask on with an unusual face and tries to pull it off.

But all that to say, I enjoyed the extra family time, learning to be a mama to two while working full time, growing my photography business and leaning on my husband for support and encouragement. Though there have been many challenges, it was a year we are grateful for and grew more than we knew possible!

Here’s to 2021!

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