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About two years ago I had a client reach out to ask if I did the black & white heirloom pictures. Fast forward a year, and I have started incorporating these heirloom portraits into my milestone studio sessions as a “test run”. I absolutely love these classic portraits of children. Over the past couple of years, I have done much research and watched a fellow photographer in South Carolina showcase these. I would love to begin offering them to clients locally on a limited basis!

I am interested in Heirloom Portraits, when will you offer them?

I am so excited to announce that I will be offering the Black and White Heirloom portrait sessions on a regular basis throughout the year! I love these quick, simple sessions for families to create a lasting, timeless image of their children.

Beginning in 2021, this new offering will be scheduled during the week at a studio in Plano. I will offer the heirloom portrait sessions on a quarterly basis throughout the year with a limited number of slots. You will receive 6-8 images of your child in black and white ready to print and hang in your home!

Will you be offering a heirloom portrait session in this Fall?

If you are interested in a vignette session this Fall, I am looking at offering one day in November for a studio session to offer Heirloom portraits for Christmas! These would be a perfect Christmas gift for mom or grandparents!

Please reach out to me here if you are interested in booking a slot for your children!

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