Blair | Dallas, TX Newborn Photography

All the mama’s having babies during the pandemic, I see you. Labor and delivery is hard enough in a normal world, I can’t imagine adding in a pandemic. Plus, wearing a mask during delivery. No family waiting for you. Family that is unable to travel to be there for their first, second, or even fifth grandchild. These are all unique situations that I hope change in the near future.

I have heard stories. Now more than ever, these newborn pictures are priceless. You are able to incorporate some special pieces in your pictures. A quilt made by a grandmother. An outfit picked out just perfect for your new baby. Even a sweet swaddle sent from a distant friend. You are able to share these pictures with family who may not be able to meet your baby for months.

This time is still special. There is still joy. There is excitement, love and hope! You get extra time as an immediate family to adjust, snuggle and just be without all the visitors. Cherish each moment. Kiss your little one once more. Rock just a few more minutes. Even just hold your baby when there is a 1,000 other things you could be doing.

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