Judson | Dallas, TX Fresh 48 Photography

Real. Raw. Fresh. Vulnerable.

When I think of a Fresh 48 session, these words pop in my head. When you invite a photographer into your hospital room, you are in a real situation. You are opening up to capturing those first few hours adjusting to your new baby. The new cries, learning to feed, and all the adjustments for a mama as she is in a vulnerable state trying to heal. Oh and did I mention, you are already running on little sleep? These are special moments for any family at any stage of growth whether it is your first born or third. It’s the memories you get to look back on as you welcome that little baby!

Are you interested in more information regarding a Fresh 48 session? Fill out a contact form here and I will send you more details. We can even schedule a phone call or grab coffee if you would like to meet in person!

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